Manfred Kehrer is the Official WUFI® Collaboration Partner for USA/Canada and provides the following services:

  • WUFI® Workshops
  • WUFI® Application and Research
  • WUFI® Material Properties Measurement
  • WUFI® Adaption
  • ASHRAE Standard 160-2016, Mold Growth Index Evaluation
  • Expert Witness Services

WUFI® Workshops

If for beginners or longtime professionals, architects or scientists, WUFI® 1D or  WUFI® 2D, building product manufacturers or engineering firms, we have the expertise and authorization to perform high quality standard or customized WUFI® workshops.

WUFI® Application, Building Science Consulting, and Research

You have a more tricky building envelope design task, where more than a simple WUFI® calculation is required, e.g. cladding ventilation, air in-/exfiltration, indoor climate uncertanties, ...?

With staff having more than 25 years of experience in Building Science Research and co-created the WUFI® products, we can bring all scientific aspects into your project to make it a success.

WUFI® Material Properties Measurement

You want to use your building products for WUFI® calculations?

We can assist in any of the following steps to do so:

  • Material properties measurements according to ASTM Standards in our accredited laboratory at WJE in Northbrook, IL
  • Data processing and generation of WUFI material properties data sets
  • Product incorporation into the WUFI® database

We collaborate with Fraunhofer IBP to accomplish these tasks.

WUFI® Adaption

You have stretched WUFI® to it's limits and need a model plug-in to consider special effects?

Or you need a special post processor to evaluate the WUFI® results?

Having staff who were involved and lead the WUFI® development process at Fraunhofer IBP, Germany, we can perform any of those adaptions.

ASHRAE Standard 160-2016, Mold Growth Index Evaluation

You have a hard time programing the new ASHRAE Standard 160 Design Criteria regarding mold growth?

We can help you running the evaluation.

Expert Witness Services

You have a legal case where a moisture damage is involved?

We can assist you with an Expert Witness to identify the physical reason for that and answer the question where the moisture came from.

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